Palinka and picking 2011 is on the 28th of May

by on May 22nd, 2011
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We’ll be picking the Pinot on the 28th. Have finished the other varieties, they are merrily bubbling away in the winery :-)

Had a LOT of bird damage. The little rascals could get in somehow and munched off quiet a few bunches. The wallabies also discovered that they can chew or rip a hole on the nets and were grazing not just the grass but the grapes too. Ha…that’s our wild life….we have to live with them. Now the nets are open, they can have the place for themselves :-)

Not a big crop this year but we are happy. Some other vineyards lost the lot to the weather this year. Quality?…we’ll see. If they will not come up to Paul’s expectations, they will be distilled into brandy :-) The 2009 Pinot ended up being just that! And boy, does it taste WONDERFULLLLLLL!!!!! It is in the barrel slowly maturing and concentrating those flavours for your pleasure :-) I can’t predict when it will be released but until then you can sample the Daredevil. Törk? Pálinka (grappa) Our palinka (grappa). It is in a 100ml and a 375 ml bottle, the prices are $ 20.00 and $ 37.00, respectively. Please send an email if you’d like to order it.

I’ve been to Heriots Point Vineyard at the beginning of the week. On the boat, up the river :-) Here are some Autumn pictures in the Huon Valley. Don’t tell me it’s cold in Tassie! Come and see it for yourself!








The Possum Piss is in the bottles, labeling them today.

That’s about it for now…we’re busy with the harvest…

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  • Esz

    The modifications to the website look good mum! It’s really getting there :-D The store looks heaps better and super professional :-)

  • That valley is just gorgeous. Got to love the winter sun as well!

  • Hello Kato and Paul. Indu just emailed and told me more about your place and you. I will see if I can make it down to visit in early July! sarah

  • Indu

    wow the Vineyard Looks Amazing !
    You two have always been such hard workers – But Now you have truly excelled !!! Congratulatuions on such a wonderful Vineyard Love & Light Indu xx

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