Winter works and my IELTS test

by on June 26th, 2011
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Long time since I wrote…those of you who follow us on Facebook know more up-to-date information :-)

We had a beaut day for the picking. The quality is better then expected and the whites are already enjoyable, though not clear yet :-) They show wonderful varietal character. We had the -now- traditional gulyas party after the harvest. 2011 szureti gulyas Here is Carl, expertly looking after the fire under the “bogracs” (billy). Carl looking after the gulyas It is an art to keep the heat just right :-)

Finally I am registered as a nurse :-) It took a looong time after finishing school…I had to sit the IELTS English language test to prove that I am capable of communicating to the level of the Nursing Standard. I had a REAL problem with this!

While I understand that there should be some sort of requirement, I felt humiliated and discriminated.

STUPID even!

Is it not enough that I’ve passed all my exams -including therapeutic communication- at tertiary level alongside all my school mates? Is it not enough that during my 2 month of unpaid practical training I was signed off on all the required competencies?

No. Because I was unfortunate enough that I did my secondary schooling in a foreign place.

After 23 years in this wonderful country, I’ve been made fully aware that I’m NOT an Australian!

Not yet!

or not ever?!

I had to prove over and above my peers to be registered to a profession I love.

It left bitter, angry, sad… painful emotions….

Preparing for the compulsory IELTS exam reminded me of the times when I lived in a country where I had to conform to stupid rules made by stupid -but powerful- people. The weekly Wednesdays when I had to appear in front of the glass window at the police station for 2 years. The nausea, the knot in my stomach, the irregular heartbeats, the rapid breathing, the cold sweat, the tremor in every muscle…

It’s OK.

It’s over now.

I did OK. Scraped through to 7.0 on Reading. Got 8.0 for Speaking and 8.5 for Listening and Writing. Had I known though that as an Australian citizen I have to do this test, I should’ve enrolled to the uni to do the RN course, not the EEN at Polytech level. Because, sure as Hell, I will not go through this torture again to obtain my higher qualification and be registered as an RN…

Here we go… off my chest… on the internet, for the whole world to know…

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  • Esz

    So glad you passed! That’s the best achievement. That they made you do it is just pure bureaucracy at it’s finest.

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