Pruning and the Herd goes

by on July 25th, 2011
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We are about half way with the pruning.

Pruning 2011

Lucky the weather is OK so far. We had a few really frosty mornings -like today- then later it is sunny and quiet warm.

I am sad :-(

The Herd went to the market.  The herd

It was easy to walk them up the truck, everyone left at the same time. We had problems lately with Peter going out visiting the neighbours :-) The herd He discovered that the measly electric fence wire is no match to his size and power. One morning we found him on the front loan merrily scratching his head on the 10 year old, very slow growing, New Zealand Christmas trees. You can imagine the result… We were thinking for some time now to change to sheep. They are smaller, need less pasture, bring nearly the same income per acre as cattle, can be let into the vineyard to graze and don’t have to be transported¬† to the abattoir.

The Christmas in July function went well. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon and they’ve promised to come back next year :-)

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  • Esz

    Did you get a good price for them? I hope they went to a happy home!
    What kind of sheep will you get? :-D

  • Kat

    We did get a good price for them indeed :-) They went somewhere to a farm on the Tasman Peninsula. The sheep will be or Wiltshire Horn or Dorper. No shear sheep :-)

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